Bible Engraving Ideas

A Bible is a very personal book that carries the word of the Scripture. Many people choose to engrave their Bible as part of their devotion to their religion and to show their personal connection with God. A Bible can be engraved in many different ways, and usually the engraving process you choose will reflect the type of cover your Bible has.

Engraving on Leather Bibles

Leather-covered Bibles are very popular since leather is such a high-quality material. It is also very lustrous and retains its beauty throughout the decades. Engraving on a leather Bible can be done by imprinting using a stamp. However this technique can be more expensive. The stamp embosses the engraving onto the leather cover using the cover itself as a backer, so the cover must also be very sturdy. Bibles with thick leather covers or covers that are a simple swatch of leather can easily be stamp engraved.

Embossing and Imprinting

Another option is the embossing and imprinting process. In this process a leather cover is embossed with the engraving and then the embossed letters are painted with coloured paint. This makes the engraving more legible, whereas a simple embossing alone would only produce an indentation in the leather. This process is also called a stamp engraving, or just imprinting. Generally, the process is the same in each. Paint or ink is applied using an embossed stamp.

Metal Plate Engraving

Metal plate engraving is yet another option. This is a more permanent and regal option for your Bible. In this process, a metal plate is engraved with the inscription you select. The metal plate is then adhered to the Bible cover, usually with hot glue or adhesive. Some Bibles can be ordered with a separate metal plate with adhesive backing that you can take to an engraver and apply to your Bible when it is complete. Or, the company may offer its own engraving service.


Bible covers can also be printed with custom lines of text using a modern ink printer, the same kind that prints the word Bible on the front. This process produces very clear lettering, and you usually have your choice of script style or block letters. This is the most common option available.

Other Options

Other options include gold foil embossing, where a thin foil of gold is laid over a stamp that holds your inscription. It is heated and pressed into the cover of the Bible. The gold foil adheres where the impression of the letters was made and lasts a very long time. This is considered one of the most elegant ways to engrave your Bible.

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