Cool bedroom ideas for a 10-13 year old

Your young child is more than halfway grown up and has outgrown the Dora the Explorer bedroom theme. She needs a bedroom redo, a cool new bedroom suitable for a 10- to 13-year old. Here are ideas on planning decor for an older child's bedroom.

Start with a Favorite Object or Theme

If your child has a favourite TV show or movie or book, you might use that as a starter for a room theme. Or maybe your child is into a certain sport, or likes horses, or has a favourite type of music. You can go as far as making a mural or decorations that match the theme, or just choose an item that goes with the theme, like a picture, and use colours from that focal item as your colour scheme. Many paint stores have pre-designed colour schemes you can use, or design your own.

Look for a Special Surface or Texture

One way to unify a room is to repeat elements that have a similar look. Pick several items made from stainless steel, such as a clock and wall hooks. Or a similar colour and texture, such as a fluffy rug that matches or coordinates with throw pillows. Or match the style and colour of the bed frame by choosing other furniture that has a similar look, such as bookshelves or a bedside table. Don't forget to give your child a desk for doing homework, and consider a hamper to encourage him to take care of his own laundry.

Don't Forget to Cover Those Windows

If you've purchased new bedding as part of your redecoration, consider getting an extra matching sheet to make into curtains or a valance. If your preference is window shades, look for cordless ones that are easy to raise and lower so your child isn't likely to break them or leave them crooked. A custom valance over top of neutral shades is a nice look, and they now make roller shades in a variety of bright colours and designs. You may be able to have custom roller shades made by having a home centre laminate your sheet or other fabric to be made into a roller shade.

What to Do If You're Stumped

If you still don't have a plan and you've read this far, take your child window shopping. You can even do it on the Internet. Look for an item or a pattern or something that inspires her, and start from there. Once you've settled on one item, use it as a focal point and find other items that coordinate.

How to Handle a Room Shared by Siblings

Large families often have siblings sharing rooms. If this is your situation, don't despair. Let each child start with a favourite colour or item, and find a colour scheme that will coordinate with both. Give each child his own section of the room, and maybe one section that is shared. If their tastes differ, it's OK if one corner has horses and the other has soccer balls. Look for a creative way to unify the room without forcing one child to have the yucky green sheets that his brother picked out. Maybe complimentary coloured bedspreads and neutral sheets will work better.