How to Get Rid of Pubic Hair Without a Rash

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If you plan on wearing a swimming costume, having a well-groomed pubic area is essential. A well-groomed pubic area often looks better and shows a certain degree of personal hygiene.

The cheapest, most controllable and most painless method of pubic hair removal is shaving; you can do it right at home without additional help from anyone else. To avoid rashes, razor bumps and ingrown hairs, proper shaving technique and supplies are required.

Perform a patch test to determine whether you can use the shaving cream or lotion of your choice. Apply a small amount of your shaving product to your forearm and wait 24 hours. If a rash or irritation develops, discontinue use and look for another shaving cream. Choose a hypoallergenic, non-alcohol based, nourishing shaving cream that is meant for the pubic area.

Shorten your pubic hairs in the area you plan on shaving. Use manicure scissors to trim the hairs.

Take a warm water bath and soak for up to 20 minutes. The warm water helps to open up your pores and softens the skin and hairs in your pubic area. Pat the area dry with a towel afterward. Wet a washcloth with warm water and apply it to your pubic area as an alternative. Leave the washcloth on the area for up to five minutes or until it cools off.

Apply a heavy layer of shaving cream or shaving lotion to the pubic hairs you wish to remove.

Assume a comfortable position that allows easy access to the pubic area. Elevate one leg onto the bathtub or sit on the floor with your legs spread open.

Hold the skin of your pubic area between the fingers of your non-dominant hand. Avoid overstretching the skin. Hold a sharp, unused razor in your other hand.

Shave the hair in the direction it is growing to avoid razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Use two to three short strokes in each area you shave. Avoid making many repetitive strokes over the same area because this can irritate your skin. Rinse the hairs off your razor as you go along so your blade maintains sharp.

Rinse the pubic area with cold water to close up the pores and prevent ingrown hairs. Wet a washcloth with cold water and apply it to the area as an alternative. Leave the washcloth on your skin for up to two minutes.

Apply aloe vera cream or lotion to the shaved area to soothe and moisturise it.