Cheap Garden Decorating Ideas

blue glass bottle image by SBB from

Tasteful decorations can suitably trim any garden and even take attention away from the fact that you might not have the greenest thumb in the world. Bear in mind, however, that you need not spend a lot of money to memorably adorn your garden. All you need is a bit of creativity.

Bottle Fence

You need not have carpentry skills or a lot of money to give your borders some pizazz. Collect glass bottles of various colours such as blue, green and amber. Push them mouth down into the soil, outlining a border between the various flower and vegetable beds. You can alternate colours of bottles to make a striking effect or have each "fence" be a single colour. The sunlight will gleam off the bottles, creating a sparkling effect. On the other hand, according to the website, you could bury the bottles deeper, making them flush with the soil for a pretty outline.

Garden Sphere

You don't have to shell out a lot of money for the latest decorative garden sphere; instead you can make your own. Take a bowling ball and spray paint it a striking colour such as metallic silver, copper or gold. Allow it to dry and place it in an area of your garden that is a bit sparse or doesn't receive much sunlight. If you have several old bowling balls, you can spray paint them all and leave them in a cluster for a more dramatic effect. If you don't own any bowling balls, look for some at a thrift store.

Bird Accessories

You can make your garden bird friendly with bird accessories that you make yourself. For example, you can make a charming rustic bird house out of old firewood by drilling a hole in the centre and adding a little perch. You can also fill a large shallow bowl with water and place it in your garden as a birdbath.