Girl's Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A girls bedroom is her sanctuary and a space where she can take ownership of her environment. A place for fantasy, play and growth, the decor of her room should inspire, relax and reflect her personality and goals.

After talking to your daughter, niece or little sister, take her ideas and interests and turn them into a spectacular theme bedroom she will love. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Art is Central

Take your cue from her favourite poster or artwork. Whether it's a "Twilight" poster or a beach scene, you can pull the colours from the artwork into the room design by matching colours in bedding and area rugs. For example, if your girl has a fairy princess castle poster on her wall that features pinks and greens, you can use those colours for bedding, curtains and paint on wood dressers. Accessorise with theme-related items such as fairy dolls and castle models.

Garden getaway

Butterflies and garden flowers are a popular choice for young girls, and you can bring her room to life with a large, realistic garden mural cling-on or wallpaper on an accent wall. Tie in the bedposts and curtain rod by wrapping them with fake vines and hand paint some simple daisies on dresser drawer fronts. Place a fun green shag carpet in front of a pink-and-flower-motif-dressed bed to complete the space. Create a flower border around her mirror by hot gluing silk flower blooms onto the mirror frame for extra fun.

Reflect her goals

If the girl wants to be a veterinarian, decorate the room with animal images, faux fur and dog and cat borders; if she wants to be an archaeologist, use a mural of the Pyramids of Giza and then gold leaf the bedposts and spell her name in hieroglyphs on the bedroom door. Use gold tones and Egyptian accessories for her bookshelves and desk. Support her dreams in style to create a one-of-a-kind bedroom.

Ballerina Room

If your girl loves to dance and enjoys ballet, give her a room her friends will envy. Cover one wall with mirrors (use stick-on mirror tiles) and a barre to mock the look of a dance studio or rehearsal space. Hang real ballet shoes on the wall and use pink-coloured netting material, similar to that used for tutus, as a valance. Top it off with more pink and cream bedding. Hang a ballet poster on the wall and use more netting material for curtains.

Hello Kitty

Hugely popular and widely merchandised, the Hello Kitty theme is another great choice for a girl's theme room. Start with pink walls and a white border trim. Paint a cute Hello Kitty on a wall, and don't forget to add the signature bow. Accessorise the rest of the room with a high shelf to hold Hello Kitty dolls and merchandise. Add a pink or green bedspread and a Hello Kitty novelty area rug to be placed in front of the bed. Use acrylic paints to paint red bows along the margin of a mirror. Take a plain table lamp and hot glue a small Hello Kitty doll to the base to dress up a bedside.

Fish theme

Whether it's the "Little Mermaid" or "Nemo" your little girl admires, a fish theme is a relaxing and fun environment to create in a girls room. Start with an accent wall mural of the deep sea or an underwater scene. Dress the bed in shades of blue and place a blue area rug in front of the bed. Place a "Finding Nemo" bedside lamp next to the bed, or use a plain lamp and sit a real fishbowl complete with goldfish underneath it. An older girl will love a larger fish tank in her room, and the tank light and water fall filter will lull her to sleep at night.