The Best Hairstyles for Thin, Long Hair

Woman with Long Hair

Thin, long hair can be beautiful on some people, but on other people, long, thin hair just hangs limply and lifelessly. Long, thin hair can be easy to work with. You just need to know how to style it correctly so that it works for you instead of against you.

Layer It

Next time you go to your stylist, ask her to layer your hair. She will likely be able to tell you how much layering will help, but usually long layers can provide volume without a drastic change to your overall style. In addition, your hair will be much easier to manage if it is layered, and when you curl your hair, it will look more voluminous. Just make sure your hairstylist doesn't overdo the layers. Too many can make your hair look thinner than it already is.


Curling your hair adds volume. Typically, when you have long and thin hair, your curls tend to come out more quickly than other people's. Spritz your hair with hairspray, or add a dab of hair gel before you use the curling iron or put the curlers in. This will help hold your curls so they will stay in longer than usual.

Parting Your Hair

A central part can make your hair appear thinner, especially if your problem area is at your crown. Instead, part your hair to the side, or use a zigzag part to mask the problem.


Consider human hair extensions. These can be rather costly, but clip-in human hair extensions can provide instant length, thickness and volume. Clip-in extensions are definitely recommended for thinner hair, as permanent extensions can pull your natural hair, making it become thinner when the extensions are taken out. Clip-in extensions are much more versatile and cheaper than paying over £650 to have fake hair woven into your head.

Curling the Ends

Curling the ends using a curling iron or curlers can add bounce and volume. Doing this every morning takes little time, and it can dramatically increase the lift and boost in your hair.

Make Waves

Waves, like curls, provide a significant boost to the hair. You can purchase a two-prong curling iron or a waving iron from any hair supply store, or you can braid slightly damp hair and sleep on it. Your hair will instantly appear thicker. You can then put your hair in a ponytail, leave it down or braid two braids, starting at your crown and attaching them together in the middle at the back of your head.

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