The Best Dog Food for German Shepherds

German Shepherds are a large breed of dog classified as a "herding dog". They are strong, loyal and extremely athletic. All dogs require a high-protein diet, but German Shepherds and other working-class dogs demand an even greater amount of protein.

Below are tips on how to choose the best dog food for your German Shepherd.

Understanding your German Shepherd

Do some homework on your breed. Learn its history and how it developed. German Shepherds come from a working-class stock of high energy, industrious herding dogs. These dogs were bred to move constantly, to be extremely alert and be very protective. All these things still influence the breed today.

Rate your dog

Look at your own dog. Think about how much activity is demanded of it. Rate your dog effectively. Just as a person who does not work out every day does not need to consume a high-calorie, high-energy diet, neither does a house pet need to consume the same amount of food as a true working-class dog. If your dog is exercised with vigour every day, that will influence your food choice. If it is mostly a companion, its dietary needs will be quite different.

Visit your local pet store

Find a local pet or feed store that supplies dog food. Walk the aisles and read the labels. There are many brands that are top quality. Eukanuba, Maxxum, Science Diet and other high-end feeds are often worth their price tags. But the old, tried and true, such as Purina, are still good. You want to look for at least 24 per cent protein. Avoid fillers such as ash, or mystery ingredients such as "ground animal meal". You want quality ingredients that you can actually understand: real meat, real vegetable ingredients and extras such as dried brewers yeast.

Visit with your veterinarian

Your veterinarian can often be the best source for solid advice on what to feed your German Shepherd. Be sure and make an appointment to have your dog's health checked and ask for his opinion on what food is best for your dog.