Hi, my name is Tye Coe, I'm a celebrity hair, makeup and fashion stylist. Today, we're at B Suite Salon and Day Spa, here in New York City, and I'm going to show you how to clean your ceramic flat irons. In order to clean your ceramic flat irons, you want to have a damp washcloth or towel; also, your flat iron turned on it's lowest setting. And also, about a half an ounce of sodium hydroxide relaxer. With the sodium hydroxide relaxer, you want to make sure you put it in a plastic container. And also, do not let it come in contact with your skin, because it can be very dangerous and burn your skin. So, you want to use some type of brush to apply it. So, you're going to take the sodium hydroxide relaxer with your brush, and you're going to add it to your damp washcloth. And with your flat iron, like I said, on your lowest setting, you'll start with one side of it. And just, in a slow motion, just wipe away any hair spray buildup or product buildup that you have. Once you've done it with the sodium hydroxide relaxer side. Then you want to take a clean area of your washcloth, or damp towel, and just wipe it away. And you'll just complete that process on the other side, as well. Be very sure that you clean all of the sodium hydroxide off. What the sodium hydroxide does, is breakdown any chemical products or hairspray buildup, product buildup that's on the flat iron. And it just breaks through all of those chemicals that buildup on your flat iron. So, just wipe it away clean. And that is how you clean your ceramic flat iron.