Hi. My name is Chantelle Tarride. I'm a professional makeup artist, and today we're going to show you how to trim and shape your eyebrows. The first thing you're going to want to do and your first tool is going to be an eyebrow razor. What you're going to do with this is, you're going to go into any stray hairs. It's kind of a little bit easier than tweezing. So, for example, on the area on the eyebrow or on the outside, I'm just going to go in with a gentle hand against the grain of the hair. Take off any little baby hairs that I may just not want there. We're really cleaning up this look. And you can do the same thing to the other side. This is a little bit less painful than tweezing and it's a lot faster as well. So, I do like to use your razor blades. These are really cheap and you can actually find them at any beauty store. After doing that, you'll be going in with a trimming scissor. These are very delicate and they're actually made for anywhere around the face. Again this is something that you can find at your local beauty store, any hair store. Anything that's very fine and thin and short with a light razor. You don't want anything too sharp near your eyes. What I'm going to do and a lot of people have very long eyebrow hairs, myself in particular. And our model today, Rebbecca, has some hairs that if you find that when you get a brow brush, you can brush these. Use that brow brush and comb up all those hairs. What you're going to do now with the scissors is any hair that's on this line, this natural line that you see that shapes her brow, you're just going to trim off and go in at an angle. Don't go too low past the brow. You're only cutting off any hair that goes right above. You can see that right there. So I'm going to take that off. Comb it down. You can even go a little bit downward like that and also take off any hair. Again go little by little. You can always take off more hair as you go. If you go with one big snip at first, you may take off too much. Keep brushing it up so you see how much progress you've made. Just brush those hairs up. Brush these areas down to really shape the brow. And that is how you trim and shape your eyebrows. This has been Chantelle Tarride. I hope you enjoyed watching.