Hi, my name is Robert Slick. I'm from A-1 Carpet Man in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm going to show you how to install carpet. Okay let me show you how you install a piece of carpet. You're going to need some tools. This is a kicker. This is a knee kicker, you kick it in with that. You're going to need a tamper to hold the carpet down onto the tack and you're going to need a trimmer to trim the carpet. You're going to need a hand held stapler to put the pad down so the pad doesn't jump over top of the tack. The first thing you need to do is get a tack strip and put around the edges of the walls. You've got to leave it about a quarter of an inch away from the wall so you have room to put your carpet tack down. Then after you get all your carpet tack down, you're going to be laying your pad and once you lay your pad, you can overlap it a little bit over top of your tack strip and then you can trim the pad to the tack strip and then you're going to staple it down with a hammer stapler and the hammer stapler will go along the edge. You don't need to do the whole carpet, you just need to go around the edges of the carpet to hold it so it doesn't jump onto the tack. Once all that's down, then you can lay the carpet down on top of your pad and stretch it in. Put it about an inch away and you kick the carpet in. Make sure it's nice and tight. Okay after you stretch all the carpet in you're going to use a carpet trimmer, put the carpet trimmer against the wall and you're going to be going down and you'll cut and trim your carpet all the way down and then you can tuck it in with your tuck knife. I'm Robert Slick. I just showed you how to install carpet.