Hi, my name is Luis Sanchez. I am the food and beverage director here at Nic's Martini Bar in Beverly Hills. And today I'm going to show you how to make a raspberry martini. It's an actual very easy drink to make and you can use this recipe and change up the raspberries for blueberries, or blackberries. Or even get creative with some mint in there if you want. So we are going to start with about four raspberries. And we are going to mottle this a little bit. Break the berries down. They are very easy to break down. Next we are going to add our favorite raspberry vodka. We want to do two ounces of that. And we want to do two ounces of our sweet and sour mix. That's one, that's two. Ice your glass up and shake. If you have any quests in your house that don't like the pulpiness of the fruit you can always double strain this. I personally think that it makes for a better drink. I'm going to get a chilled glass for you guys. Nice chilled glass for you. All that's left is to pour it inside the glass. And garnish of course. See that color it's pretty amazing. I like garnishing this with raspberries. And just kind of do what you would do in a martini with olives just use a pick. You can use a toothpick at home. You can just drop them in there if you want. And they will balance if you create a space in between. So one more time my name is Luis Sanchez, and this is how you make a raspberry martini.