Hi. I'm Jim Gajdosz and I'm with CJS Electric. Today I'm going to show you how to repair track lights. Tools that you're going to need are a flathead screwdriver, a voltage tester, and a set of clines, and a sandpaper with fine grit. Lets get started. What we want to do is make sure that the switch is working properly. Switch is on, there's power coming up into the thing. If you notice, the one bulb is working. On a lot of these, a lot of these it's sometimes the tracks themselves. There's two pins in here, are not inserted correctly. There's two pins here on this side that make a connection on this side here. Okay. They're inserted the right way with the pins. Make sure we've got them in there the right way, since there's two different ways we can turn it in. And, there you go. And that's how you repair a track light. Jim Gajdosz with CJS Electric. Thank you for watching.