Hey everybody, it's dynamic John Mickel from Dynamic Carpet Care, and every day I get asked about stains and spots of course, that's my business. One that I get asked all the time is, how do I get oil out of the carpet? Maybe somebody is working outside, they've gotten it on their shoes and they bring it in. What do I do to get that out? So, you're going to take your home remedy mix which is your spray bottle and your hot water mixed with a couple of drops of dish detergent, spray that area really good because now it's oil. You want to take your white cloth, wipe it up gently, do not rub hard. You're going to have a tendency to think that that's better, no, just gently rub it or blot it up. Once you do that and it looks like you've gotten the majority of it up, take your Shop-Vac, and go over it to make sure you've gotten all the solution out of it because we don't want that area to track soil. That's what would happen if you didn't use a Shop-Vac. So this should help you taking out oil from your carpet. If there's still an issue there, contact a local professional in your area or you can contact me personally at www.dynamiccarpetcaretampa.com and remember to keep it clean my friends.