Would you like to learn how to make an envelope and recycle at the same time? Well my name is Dana Johnson and I'm here to show you how. First of all you only need six items. You'll need your greeting card, a piece of newspaper, scissors, ruler, pen and tape. Let's get started. Okay so we have the newspaper right here and your greeting card. You lay it out, take a ruler, draw your line. You can also when you're doing this project, you can use wrapping paper, you can use a magazine, any paper product that you may have extra around the house and once you've drawn your lines, you simply take your scissors and cut along those lines. Again this is just a great way to recycle and to give back into our own communities as well. Take your excess piece that you don't need and it's very simple to make these folds. Do your small triangle corners first, then the larger piece. Take your tape and put it on the underneath side and look just how clever that is. And to give it a nice professional cut right here, it looks like a true envelope and go ahead and continue to do the final fold. So very clever, very simple and there's your finished envelope.