Hi, this is Angie Warner for Pro Beauty at Pro Pilates in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and today we're going to be talking about remedies for dry, itchy skin. Dry, itchy skin can often be caused by environmental elements such at cold, wind, and especially here in Florida, we use a lot of air conditioning so it takes moisture from our skin and we have a build up of scales on that stratum cornium of our skin. Often what we can do is in order to keep hydrated and create a barrier protection for not having our loss of transepidermal water loss, is to use a dry body brush and also a homemade granular exfoliant that you can even do at home. And first what you want to do is use a dry body brush on your skin. It's most effective to use on dry skin using softer bristles. So, now I'm going to grab my brush and apply it on to my client's arm. It's important to always brush upwards. You may not see the flakes coming off of the skin, but it's working. Also, other benefits that you get from dry body brushing is an increase in circulation of the skin which brings toxins up through the lymphatic system and helps to flush that out. And once you're done dry body brushing, you can get into the shower and use your homemade body exfoliant that you can use that's been made out of raw cane sugar granules. Sugar is also a form of glycolic acid which helps to disintegrate the dry, dead skin cells. This is an alpha hydroxy acid. So, I've mixed this together with some honey, which is also going to be moisturizing to calm down that dry, itchy skin. And I'm going to be using that on my client's arm today that I've put together right here. And it's very soft. It should not be abrasive. And just smooth, circular movements. And after you've applied this, you just go ahead and rinse. And today we've been talking about home remedies for dry, itchy skin. And I'm Angie Warner in Ft. Lauderdale for Pro Beauty at Pro Pilates.