Hi, this is Angelique Sandas, and I'm at Miami Life Center. Today, we're going to be showing you happy face exercises. The one that Anna is going to be demonstrating for us is called Simhasana, which is Lion's Pose. Now, it can be a little silly, which can bring a little bit of happiness into the posture, but also the pose itself works the facial muscles to keep the face toned and youthful and vibrant. Anna's going to set up sitting on her heels with her knees together and her wrists at her knees. As she inhales, she's going to draw the energy back into her belly and let her gaze drop. On the exhale, she's going to stick her tongue out as far as she can, spread her fingers and send her eyes up to the ceiling. On the inhale, again, she's going to draw the energy back into the belly and drop her gaze, and on the exhale, spreading the fingers, the tongue out, making noise with the breath, the gaze upwards. One more time, the belly draws back, the fingers curl in and on the exhale energy reaches through the fingertips, the tongue, the gaze upward. Good. We're going to let Anna relax. You can do this posture three to five rounds. Again, helping to bring tone and muscular energy to the face, making your face more youthful, more energized, more vibrant. When doing this exercise, it's important to remember that you want to take full, long breaths. You don't want to rush the inhale or the exhale where we stick the tongue out and gaze upward. The full, long breaths help to move energy through the body, and also give the tension to the posture. So, let's have Anna do it one more time so you can hear the sound of the breath. This is Angelique Sandas at Miami Life Center, and we've just shown you happy face exercises.