Hi, my name is Tanya and I'm an instructor at Gold's Gym. I want to show you a few exercises you can do with the resistance band that's kind of targeted towards men but women can do them too. Alright, I'm taking my band, you could wrap it around a column in your garage or just a column or somewhere in your house. I really don't want you using a door jamb unless you know it's not going to come off. So, I'm wrapping it around a column or a kickboxing bag, got my handles. I'm going to kind of step away. So, look at my arms, they're back pretty far, palms are going to face forward, and the chest flies, long arms here guys, okay? Press, if it's not enough resistance, step away a little further away, ooh, that does add some more resistance. That's working the chest and that's pretty fantastic stuff. Okay, triceps and we just work the chest. I'm going to take my arms all the way up, lift and lower. So, this is where you really want to make sure that band doesn't fly off and hit you in the head. So, my elbows are close to my head. I'm straight up and straight down. Abs are locked, that is targeting the tricep. That's amazing. Alright, so obliques. Any of you guys like to work the obliques? This one's pretty great. I've got my bands here. I like to keep the handles together and all I'm going to do is reach. So, I've got long arms here okay? Legs wide, abs in, you can just take it to the side, straight arms, that's oblique guys I'm telling you, or up on an angle. But I like it here, then I can get more of a workout with it right here, and it's really targeting the obliques. Take it up on an angle. You've got the shoulders kind of engaged too. Whatever you want, whatever you want to target. Those are some great exercises you can do with a resistance band that's really targeted towards the men.