How to Clean Faded Headlight Lenses

Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ray Thomas. I'm the owner of Ray's Auto Repair. I'm going to show you, today, how to clean the faded headlight lenses. What you do is you can go to a automotive auto parts stores and get yourself a cleaning kit. In that kit it's going to be a compound which you are going to use like a cream, creamy compound. You are going to rub it in on the headlight. And then there's emery paper and then there's some fine clothing too like kind of polish it. So, what you do after you apply the compound on the lens, you wait about five to ten minutes, and then you use that emery paper to kind of you know fizzle out all the dull film that's accumulated on the lens. And then after you do that what you do is you polish it with the clothing that is provided in that kit. You can use a cloth buffer too but you know the clean clothing or smooth clothing is fine too. That's how you clean faded headlight lenses.

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