Hi, this is Joe Wang, founder and head coach of South Bay Youth Sports. Today, we're going to cover football drills for kids. The next drill we're going to cover is the reaction drill. You need a football. You need football bags and you need a field. It's a running back drill where we can focus on vision, accelerates through the bags with high knees, and then also reaction where the coach is going to be playing defense. Now, we're going to have Jamison demonstrate the reaction drill through using the bags. The running back is going to be in a ready set position. He's going to speed through the bags, and then he's going to go in the opposite direction of where I'm going to be, okay, ready set. High knees accelerate through the bags. Jamison is accelerating through the bags. I'm going to make a defensive move, he cuts to the opposite side. This is the reaction drill. Ready, set, go, accelerate through the bags, high knees, high knees, vision up, vision up where the defense is, makes the cut. Again, this is Joe Wang with South Bay Youth Sports. Thank you for watching football drills for kids.