Hi, my name is Tanya, and I'm an instructor at Gold's Gym. I want to show you a few stability ball exercises you can do for the core. Alright, so all I'm going to do, this one is pretty fantastic. You want to stay on your knees. You want to take kind of your forearms or the side of your arm on the ball. You can lace your fingers together if you want to, and I'm going to stay on my knees for now. I'm going to roll it out and pull it back in, really challenging, but not too bad, but it is surprising. Looks simple, but when you first try this, it's really hard. So, you can do this one and you can do it on your toes as well. I guess I will give it a shot on my toes as well. So, I'm standing up, but I'm bending over. All I'm going to do is roll it out, roll it back in. They're both pretty challenging. I suppose being on the feet makes it a little harder, last one, awesome. Alright, the next one, yeah I'll start here, back to the forearms but I'm going to lift off, and I'm holding plank on the ball, that's it, simple, isometric isolation, abdominals burning, but I'm going to bring a knee to the ball, then the other. So, I've got my elbows nice and wide here, core strength, three, two, and one. So, that's pretty hard, pretty challenging but still great. Last but not least, simple crunch, right here, squeeze. Now, I like this because, look at my head. It's going further down, stretching the abdominals, squeeze it, let go of the head, crunch it up. Everything should be tight, four, three, two and I like it on the ball because it really is comforting to my low back, and it really makes me think about the abdominals, and I'm not worried about the pain in my back, so I can focus clearly on the abdominals, think about the abs that I want. You think about your abs, you're going to get what you want.