Hello. I'm Michael Piacenza with Advantage Pest Control in St. Petersburg, Florida. I oftentimes get asked how to kill fleas with soap. Well, it's really quite simple. The way the soap works is that it washes off the waxy surface on the, on any insect almost. You know? Fleas particularly. Ok? It's going to wash off this waxy surface and it leaves them vulnerable. They're either going to dehydrate, or they're going to fall susceptible to being cut or scratched by other things in their environment. Or they can even be attacked by other parasites to them. Alright? The other way that the soap works is that it gets on their body and it plugs up their breathing tubes. Ok? The breathing tubes, they don't have lungs like we do. They have tubes in their body that go straight into their blood system. If you plug those up, then they're basically going to suffocate. So when you give your dog a flea dip, you know, a lot of the flea dips will say, "Oh, mix with this," or "mix with that". Most of them are just soap to tell you the truth. Ok? A really nice way to handle it is just to use something like Dawn dish soap. Use a little cap-full and some water and mix in some of the botanically based essential oils or something like that. What that's going to do is it's not going to kill the fleas that much faster but some of those essential oils act as a repellent so that the fleas don't get back on. Alright? The main thing is that soap is doing the work, soap and the water. Alright? Just be careful, you want to use a soap that isn't going to bother the dogs' or the cats' eyes. Maybe, baby shampoo works very very well and it's a lot easier on your pet. Ok? Rinse it very well. One of the things we want to do when you're bathing your pet is you want to get their head wet first. What ends up happening is people put them into the water, in the sink, and the fleas all head, start heading right to their head. Alright? Get their head wet first and it drives the fleas down onto their body and then you can attack them a lot easier. So hopefully this is going to make your pet washing day a little bit easier for you. I'm Michael Piacenza with Advantage Pest Control in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida.