Hi I'm Tara Pollak, physical therapist at "Evolution Physical Therapy" here to teach you how to tape the arch for support. Now I'm going to use KT Tape to do this arch support. What you're going to need is a Y strip as well as a short I strip for this technique. We're going to first take the Y strip, have Shonte pull her toes up so that we start in dorsiflexion, pull off the base of the Y and put it at the base of the heel, tack it down, make sure that it sticks and then I'm going to pull off each separate tail of the Y, about 50 percent tension, tack it down, no tension at the end, rub so that it sticks, take the other side, peel it off the backing, about 50 percent tension up towards the big toe, no tension on the end, tack it down and rub along the arch. Then the second strip, the I strip, we're going to start medially around the inside of the ankle, pulling the tape off, right along the arch, tack it down, pull the tape away from the backing and then give nice support all the way up and through. Again no tension on the end, tack it down and give everything a nice rub so that it sticks. Now that the arch is supported, she can put her sock and show on and wear this with any activity that she is going to go do. I'm Tara and this is how to tape the arch for support.