Hi, I'm Gretchen Rivas with Relax! Massage Therapy, and today we're going to talk about how to prepare a client for hot stone massage. For this, you will need a pillow case, hot stones and oil. First thing you want to do is tell the client to give you feedback; feedback on how hot the stones are and how much heat they can tolerate. Sometimes the heat is more than they can stand when it feels comfortable for you, so make sure that they know it's okay to speak up if something's too hot for them. Now if all you're going to do is place the stones on the back for relaxation, if they're really hot and a lot of times that's going to vary with the stones and what you have to heat them up with. You usually want to heat them to about 120 to 150 degrees. If they're really hot, you want to put a barrier between the client and the stone and then you can just place the stones on the back as you you know, to warm them up and to heat the muscles up and then you can work on the legs while the stones heat the back up. Now if you're going to go ahead and work directly with the stones, what you would want to do is first of all, oil the back up before you get started so that the stones have a nice, smooth glide and you can move easily and smoothly all across the skin with the stems. So, you'd oil their back up and get them ready and then from there, after you get the stone out of the hot water, you would boil the stone up also and then you'd begin your hot stone massage. And that's how you prepare a client for a hot stone massage.