Hi everyone. I'm Carol Ann, your fitness expert from Tampa, Florida, and today I've got some tips on how you can do bicep and tricep exercises for women over 50. The materials you'll need for these exercises are a bench and some dumbbells, a plate and a barbell and plates. Right here I have a ten pound plate and it's all relative. What you need to do is choose the amount of weight that you can lift anywhere between 10 and 15 reps. So you are going to take your plate bring your arms overhead and just take the plate right behind your head and lift up. So you want to keep your elbows right next to your head as you are performing these exercises here. And keep your abdominal muscles in to protect your back. The next tricep exercise we can do is a French curl using the barbell. Performing the French curl you want to come down on your bench, contract your abdominal muscles and press your lower back to the bench. You've got your bar straight up over your shoulders and all you need to do is just bend your elbows lowering the bar right towards your forehead and extend right back up again. Inhale as you lower down, exhale as you push the bar right back up again. The last exercise we can do for the tricep are tricep dips. So you want to come down to a platform, place your hands right outside your hips. And lift your rear end off the platform. And you are going to gently lower yourself down and push yourself straight back up. Now you want to make sure you are bending your elbows and straightening your elbows. It's not about your rear end coming down and up like this with your hips. It's bending the elbows and straightening. Inhale down, exhale up. Keep your abdominal muscles in as you are performing this exercise. Down and up. And perform about 15 of those. Next we are going to perform some bicep exercises. So, the first exercise we are going to do involves the barbell. So, you want to have an underhand grip about hip width apart. Keep your abdominal muscles in and your elbows in close to your ribcage. And you just gently want to pull the bar up towards your chest and lower down. Exhale as you lift, inhale as you lower. Now when you are performing your bicep curls you want to do about oh 12 to 15 reps. And you want to pick a load that is heavy enough to where you will fatigue your muscles. You can do one set of 12 to 15. You can do two sets or even three sets. So the heavier the load the longer the rest period in between. Our next bicep exercise is using the dumbbells. You are going to keep your elbows next to your ribcage and lift the dumbbells up and lower down. When you are performing this exercise you want to make sure you are exhaling up, inhaling down. And you want to go into a two to four ratio. So, you are lifting quicker up and then slower down. Now, if you want to change the dynamic of this exercise turn it into a hammer curl. So you are turning your palms inward, bring the weights right up to the shoulders and lower down. And pretty sure..pretty soon those biceps and those triceps are going to be pumping out. I'm Carol Ann, your fitness expert and those are your bicep and your tricep exercises for women over 50.