Hi, I'm Max Eberle, and welcome to Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, California. Today, I am going to show you how to rack the pool balls and we are going to do eight ball this time. And the materials you'll need are your cue, or break cue if you have one. A cue ball, chalk, and a fully racked legal rack of eight ball. Put all 15 balls in there. You want to put the 1 ball in the front, eight ball in the middle. Solid and a stripe on the corners. Then what I like to do is squeeze all the balls so they are all pressed tightly. Squeeze the balls up like this with your fingers and push it so the 1 ball is right on top of the spot. And you can tell that by looking through that gap up front, you can see the spot. Make sure it's tight, frozen on that 1 ball and that way you'll get the best break possible. If somebody is racking for you, you might want to come down and check, see if the 1 ball is tight. So, once it is then you can go ahead and lift the rack off. I'm Max Eberle, and that's how to rack an eight ball.