Hi, I'm Cori DiSimone and I'm here to tell you how to draw Islamic tile designs. The materials you will need on books on Islamic architecture, a piece of paper the size of the tile format that you'd like to create, a ruler, an eraser and a pencil. The first step is to find your inspiration. Look through books on the architecture of Islam and try to find a tile design that really excites you. After you've chosen your piece, the second step is to photocopy it in various enlargements so that you can really see the tile designs going on in that building of your choice. Since Islamic tile designs are very repetitious and oftentimes symmetrical, the third step would be to create a line down the center of your paper both vertically and horizontally to try to find the center of where you want your art design to start. The final step is to look at the photocopies that you've made of the tile piece that you're going to be using as inspiration, and draw the parts of it that you like on to the guide that you've created for yourself. I'm Cori DiSimone, and that's how to draw Islamic tile designs.