Draping the Male Torso in Massage Therapy

Video transcription

The next area I'm going to demonstrate draping techniques on is the upper extremity. In this instance, I'm working with a male client. You don't have the same concerns as when you're working on a female. I will also demonstrate the technique that I would use to do a breast drape on a woman. For our purposes today, I'm going to drape my client to the waste. And it's always advisable to ask your client if they're comfortable with that. May I drape you so I can work on your abdomen and chest? You want to take your draping material back to just about the top of the iliac crest. That is the bone right here. You can put your hands here, and you can feel it. This gives you full exposure to the abdomen and the chest without exposing any area that the client would maybe feel was uncomfortable for them. If you like, you can tuck this on both sides under their hips. You can have them roll slightly towards you, and that feels pretty secure. Doesn't it?

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