Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we are going to talk about how to plant ivy. Now ivy is a beautiful plant, especially in hanging baskets or on a walk way or any kind of a kind of a slope they are just beautiful. But you have got to remember to plant an ivy very carefully, because in milder climates like the northwest it is becoming a huge invasive weed. It is killing the trees, it is killing all the native plants, and it is taking over huge forests. So your intention to grow some in your garden is really great right now, but is it still going to be there in fifty years, and taken over the whole neighborhood. So you really want to plant ivy somewhere where it is controllable, and somewhere where you can keep track of it. But still it is a beautiful plant, especially in hanging baskets. So now ivy multiplies very quickly, because not only does the mother root make more roots, but as soon as it hits the ground it grows more root. So you don't even had to cover it with dirt as long as that it touching dirt it will grow. And it will grow, and it will grow, and so you want to be really careful when you are actually starting your ivy. Now it is really easy to divide it. You just kind of tear it off, and as long as you have got some root, and you have got some plant, and as I said you don't even need the roots it will grow. So you can either turn around, and actually cover that stem with soil or take a little clipping off of a fence or your neighbors lawn or anywhere that you can find it. And turn around and you just plant it, and as long as that root is covered it will grow. Now they need water, but they don't need a whole lot of water. And I do love them hanging from different containers or hanging baskets, but I am taking care of my yard to make sure that it does not take over them. And if I ever move I am going to dig it up, because I would not trust that the next people would keep track of it. So always remember to plant your ivy very carefully, and never let it really take over. But still for wedding bouquets or in flower arrangements it is a beautiful addition. And all plants, and all people can become invasive you just need to set boundaries for them.