Hi, I'm Robin Hunter. I'm a stylist at Innovation Hair and Nails. We're about twenty miles north of Atlanta; off at 75 on Wade Green Road. Today we're going to be talking about corrective color. A lot of people end up doing their hair color at home and they make a mistake of; sometimes they get orange hair; sometimes it turns pink or blue; just depending upon what they're trying to accomplish. And when you buy hair color at the store, you have to take in consideration the color of your hair to begin with and then what to buy to work with what your hair color is, to begin with; how coarse your hair is. My advice is if you're going to do your color, just go ahead and get it done at a salon. That way if you do have a problem with it they can fix it. But if you do your hair color at home and you do mess up, it costs a lot of money to correct. Sometimes it takes hours to do; it's very tedious work and you will end up paying much much more in the long run if you do mess up your hair color at home. Another problem people have when doing their color at home is they, they don't know to pretty much put the color at the roots; but don't color ends that have already been colored before. What happens is, this processes your hair each and every time you do it. What we do is we color the roots that have grown in and then in the last five to ten minutes of the processing time, we add color to the ends to freshen up the old color. That way you're not reprocessing the hair each and every time.