Hello my name is Illeana Padilla-Boyd, and I am a state certified teacher in the state of Florida. I am also the owner of Bright Starts educational services. Let's talk a little bit about how to teach children with dyslexia how to spell. First of all these children look at the words differently than an average person might. For example, you might want to bring an item to the classroom that stands for one of the spelling words. As in let's use the example of the word apple. You might want to physically bring in an apple so they can see it first, touch it, and even smell it. At that point you introduce the actual word upon the blackboard or your erasable board. Another way of teaching spelling to children with dyslexia would be to write out the word that they need to learn for the week. That word you go ahead, and you break it down into different components. For example, the word conversation. That is a very long word, but it is easily broken into components. You would highlight the words first con highlight that, ver highlight it in another color, sa in another color, and tion in another color. You would show this to the class this way, and it will be easy for child, a child with dyslexia to learn how to spell, and gain confidence.