Hello, My name is Rebekah Larimer. I'm an internationally certified horse trainer and instructor. And today, I'm going to show you how to attach a snaffle bit. A bit is a piece that goes into the horse's mouth to aid in communication and guiding. There are several different types of snaffle bits but this is just one of them. So, here I'm turning the bridle around and you want this, this is the brow band and then the nose band and for this portion you can basically ignore the nose band altogether. And this is the cheek piece, the throat latch and you can ignore that as well so we're just going to focus on these two straps for this portion. Now, the very important thing when attaching a snaffle bit is that we want the bit to fit into the horse's mouth very nicely. So, I'm going to make sure that the bit is going to go into the horse's mouth properly and it follows the curves of the brow band and the nose band. It's a good guide as far as how you want the bit to go on the horse's mouth. Then I'm going to take one cheek piece and I'm going to take one of the rings as a snaffle and place the cheek piece through the bit like that and I'm goin' to take this strap and loop it underneath one of the keepers and slide it through all the way and then I will take the other, the same end and put it through the next keeper and this is the kind of tricky part. I'm going to continue pushing on this piece, this portion of the leather and then bring this one down and continue pushing until you have that metal pop through and then I'm going to push down just a little bit so now it's nice and secure and snug. And I'm going to do the same exact thing on the other cheek piece so I'm taking it, attaching it through the bit, placing it through the first keeper, placing it through the second keeper and then pushing through with this leather that's attached to the bit, pushing down, getting that silver portion to come through and then pulling back slightly just so it's nice and secure in there. And then, you have a snaffle on the bridle. The next portion is attaching the reigns to the bit so we want the reigns to be in the direction that the rider's hands are going to be. So, this is still the front of the horse's, this is where the horse's forehead would be, this is where the horse's nose would be. This is, the bit would be in the horse's mouth. I'm going to attach the reign right here. So, I'm going to put it through that loop and this buckle is the same exact as how it was with the bridle where I'm putting it through the first keeper, putting it through the second keeper, tugging on it until it goes through all the way, seeing that little silver pop up and then gently pulling that back. And then, making sure the reigns are nice and straight so we don't want any curves or loops in the reign when I put them on then I'm attaching the other end to the other side of the bit, putting it to the second keeper, pushing through that silver once again especially with new leather, it's very difficult at first and then once the leather gets worked, it normally is very nice and easy and that will go through there. And then we have the snaffle bit attached to the bridle.