Hello I'm Jacklyn Laflamme from Jacklyn Laflamme.com. I'm here on behalf of the Broward Art Guild. In this clip I'm going to show you how to paint a tree. We are going to start off by painting the trunk of the tree. So I have some brown and a little bit of a tawny color. I'm just going to start really quickly just laying in the base of the tree, a few little roots. And as you can see I have a couple of colors on my brush so as I'm doing the brush strokes, right away you can start to see the varying shades on the tree. I'm just going to pull my brush up and do some branches, just really quickly and just kind of think about the shape of a tree and what type of shape you want. And just pull your brush up and just pull out the branches and don't worry they don't need to be too perfect at this point because we are going to be covering them with leaves and what have you. So you just want to get a basic outline, so some of these lines will show through, through the leaves and there. Lets add a little bit more here and don't worry you can always go back and add some lighter colors and darker colors to get your shadows in. Now I'm just going to take another brush and put three different shades of green and I'm just going to start doing a little outline here of the tree. You can see we are just going to add in the greens and just start filling out the tree really quickly. I'm going to use a little bit thicker paint and just start filling it out. And you can continue doing that and just trying to think about where the lights and the shadows are going to be hitting the tree. And when you get done with that you can take a smaller brush and go over these areas and actually just go like this. You take your brush and you just pull it down, pull it down, pull it down and you see just with a brush stroke you can get the outlines of the leaves. And this is something that could be done very quickly and you can do it over the green that you've already painted or you can just come in in some areas and if you just want to have a little lone leaf you just pull up like this. Put your brush down and pull up like this. And again we can go back to our bigger brush and just start filling it in, filling it in. You get a little area done and you can go back to the smaller brush in a lighter color and just start working in those leaves. I'm just putting the finishing touches on the tree and as you can see once you fill in the larger areas and then add all the little details in eventually you will have this lovely tree. This is Jacklyn Laflamme thank you for watching.