Hi. My name is Miss Nancy. I am an elementary school teacher down here in Tampa, Florida and a mother of three. And today, we're going to learn how to make a crepe paper rose. (Will you hold the rose? Thanks.) All you need to do this is tissue paper and one pipe cleaner. Lots of tissue paper, though, okay, 'cause you don't want to have just one piece. Lots of pieces. And then, you're going to want to fold it. Like that. Just about an inch across and then fold it back an inch or so. Let's do this on the table. And keep folding it like an accordion. Fold it back and front, and keep repeating it. Of course, we're using green here. You can use any color you want, red is always lovely for flowers. And I love making a bunch of these and then filling....you can fill a vase with them, or a room. It looks really pretty. Don't forget, you can always spray it. I like to spray it with Febreeze, 'cause I think it smells delicious. But you can always spray it with perfume, something to really give it that flower feel. And this is a great thing to do with kids, 'cause they can do this really easily. And especially the little kids when they're just learning dexterity, it's a fantastic way to have them work with their hands to make something beautiful where they don't once have to touch a scissors. And it's a great way to not have them touch glue or markers if you're worried about your house. And, there you go. Okay, so now we have this all folded up like an accordion, and we're going to find the mid-point. It's about there. Take your pipe cleaner and pull it real tight. Might be a little easier to twist it. There we go. And pull that tight, and twist your pipe cleaner as well as your paper. There we go. So your pipe cleaner actually makes the stem, and now, open it up like a fan. And then separate the sheets. And do the same thing to the other side, opening it up like a fan and separating the sheets. Still looks a little "stripey", so grab it with one hand, put the other hand over it and give it a final little twist. Just to let them all mix together. And there you have a lovely crepe paper flower. Umm...smells good. Do you want to sniff it?