Hi! This is Casey Atkinson from Willie Driving School here in Logan, Utah. We'll talk to you a little bit about round abouts today. There's some basic rules for round abouts. When you go to a round about, always go unto the right side of the round about which is a counterclockwise direction. Do not go to the left, it's going to get ugly, go to the right, stay to the right. Now, when you go unto a round about make sure you signal before you get there. Even though you have to go right, you still want to signal right. And once you get in the round about, it's important to turn your signal off 'cos once you go on a round, if a car sees your signal on, he's going to think you're pulling out early, he's going to pull in front of you and yeah, it's going to be, it's going to be bad. So, turn your signal off while you go around and when you get to the road, you want to turn off on, signal again, signal to the right and then pull off. Also, another important tip for round abouts is when you approach a round about, make sure you yield the traffic that's already inside the round about. Way,once they get out of your way and it's safe, then you can go in there. Now, round abouts are a lot safer than 4-way stops. A 4-way stop has about 56 potential points of conflict, that's where you can get in a wreck and a round about has only 12. So, they're a lot safer and it's a good thing to know. Good luck and have fun with those round abouts.