Hi, my name is Dr. Ana Lamas, and I'm in the practice of allergy and clinical immunology with two offices here in Miami, Florida. The way to stop a cough depends completely on what is causing a cough. For example, a very common cause of cough is a dry cough that's caused by asthma. It's called cough variant asthma, and the way we stop that, of course, is with a bronchodilator because in that case, the cough is being a manifestation of bronchospasm or tightening of the airway smooth muscle. So in that case, you need a medication like Albuterol to stop the cough. Now, if you have a cough for allergic reasons, that's a kind of tickle cough -- completely different. And for that kind of cough, you would use an antihistamine like a Benadryl type of preparation. Of course, you could use the kinds that we have now, many of which are over-the-counter, which are non-sedating, so you wouldn't have to worry about getting sleepy with your medication. Those are the two most common causes of cough, and the medications are different depending on the cause.