Hi everybody. How y'all doing? My name is Lars-Erik Robinson, I'm with LarsEr Arts All Around Art-Tainment. Today we're going to talk about how to draw with color pencils. And these color pencil sticks are out, same thing as color pencils but they're in a stick form. And you can get a real sharp edge just like the pencils and you could take it here on the end, and you can, if it was a pencil, you just keep stroking with it like that. And you get these nice textures. And the amazing thing about this is also you could take the side of it and blend with it at the same time. So if you want, if you're trying to create a texture and also fill in something. This is a great way to do it. It gives you that color pencil feel, you know, so the convenience. I'm going to be able to take the side of it and block in a, a large amount of color. So these are called Art Sticks by Borough, and I recommend them to anybody that's trying to paint on with color pencils. My favorite medium, by the way, quickest and gets the point right across. Hope you guys enjoyed it and I, keep on drawing. Thank you.