How to Back a Car into a Parking Spot

Video transcription

Okay, so the next thing we're going to talk about is, backing into a parking spot. Now when you're backing in, you want to stop the vehicle, make sure there's no one coming up behind you rapidly that's going to run into you as you stop the vehicle. Check your mirror, make sure there's no one else coming up behind you as you start backing up, and shift into reverse, try and line yourself up with a parking spot, so that you're just past the parking spot, turn your wheel in the direction of the parking spot that you're backing into, slowly back up, line yourself up, check your mirrors, make sure that if there's vehicles on either side of you, that you're not going to hit them, and then just slowly back into the spot. And then as you get into the spot, where you're facing straight forward, you want to straighten your wheel out, and then just roll back until you're in the spot, put your car in park, and that's how you back into a parking spot.

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