Hi this is Kim with Simply Beautiful in Austin, Texas. I would like to talk to you about how to apply makeup for beginners. We are going to go through this quickly so the steps are going to be foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eyes, and lips. We are going to start with foundation and we are going to use a brush and Sara has already some foundation on so I'm just wanted to show you technique. We are just going to use a brush or a sponge and just kind of blend it from the center out, the center of your face out and in most cases you don't really need foundation down on the edges of your face so just, we just want to blend. Make sure your fingers are clean if you are going to use your hands. Next we are going to go with a concealer and concealers should match your skin tone. Be careful not to use something that is too light or you will end up with raccoon eyes and that's no good. A lot of women tend to use concealers that are too light. A concealer just lightens and brightens your eyes and helps to get rid of dark circles. It also brings them forward. We are going to while we are at it, closed please use concealer on the top lid. With this will serve as the eye shadow base and help the eye shadow stay in place. Next we are going to go with eye shadow. We are just going to keep it simple. We are going to go with one color and Sara has beautiful hazel eyes so we are going to go with something that is golden. You can't really make too many mistakes with a golden color. This is a nice summery color as well so I am going to do this eye with Sara. I'm just going to start on the inside, sweep it, along the lash line and just bring it up to your brow bone. This is the brow bone, this is the lid and this is your crease. We are just going to leave it simple. The next step is going to be pencil liner. I am choosing a brow liner because Sara has deep coloring and we just want to kind of get a real defined eye. We are going to start with short sweeping strokes of the brush across the lash, across the lashes and start in the middle because it is simpler to start in the middle than to start on the inside. Here's a trick, don't pull your eyes. Don't do this with your eyes, it's terrible for your skin. So just a little sweeping motion. Look up for me. Again the same with the bottom. If you try to draw a straight line, it's going to be too thick and it will be too heavy and you'll be, it'll look just really harsh so that's the liner. If you have a great brush. You want to open please, just come across the lashes and just smudge that just a bit. Next we are going to do some mascara. I have a curved brush. I really like curved brushes because it helps you get closer to the lash line, down, on the top. Then Sara if you'll look just right here, thank you. Never look all the way up because then you're going to get your mascara on your eye. So that's your eye. I like it without mascara on the bottom so then we're going to choose a blush for Sara. Since we are doing neutral colors we are going to go with a neutral tone with her dark hair. We want to just kind of bring out some color and some pop in her eyes. Since we are using a kind of a peachy bronze color there, we're going to use a peachy bronze color on the lips, I mean on the cheeks, sorry. So we're going to do this. I'm using a flat head brush because it gives you a lot of control. Do this, start at the apple of your cheeks and work it up and back, bring it down. Sweep it across your nose. So I'm going to go with a little dab on your chin. I'm just going to freshen you up and just give you a nice overall summer time look or any time. I'm going to use a lip liner that compliments her lips. Rather than something that really works with the lipstick use something that just works for you, find the right liner. Start in the bow of the lips and make a little V, again with the short brushing strokes, don't go into the corner of the lips, just stay on the outside. Again down, start in the middle, bring it out. If you want your lipstick to last a long time use the liner in your lips a little bit, just brush it in and your lipstick will last longer but we're just going to do that for now. Using a lip brush my favorite way to put lipstick on because it gives you lots of control. You are going to just sweep the lipstick across the lips, top. You know the trick your mother taught you, it still works, Sara, thank you. And I'm just going to finish it up with a little gloss all over the top just for an extra little pop of shine right here in the middle of your lips, so that is how to make yourself beautiful to put on simple makeup for beginners.