You decided that you want a Capital One credit card, Hi I'm Carrie Kukuda the Someday Coach. I'm going to tell you how to go about getting your Capital One credit card. First you have to go, you have to get an application. An easy way to do that is to go online to their site, of Capital One, and its When you're on the web site you'll find a button on there that will help you, on the home page, that will help you navigate to find out which credit card is best for. You can compare the cards for their different incentives, some will, you know if you're somebody that travels maybe you want a miles card. If you're somebody that wants cash back, then I would have chose that one as well. You can also customize the cards at Capital One, you can put on photos, your favorite teams, just keep into consideration that if you're going to be using it for business purposes you might want to be careful on what you place on there. So things to consider for your Capital One card, remember their web site is Just some things to think about and an easy way to get there. My name again is Carrie the Someday coach.