Hi, I'm Ann Myrick, and today I'm going to show you how to clean shower door tracks. I would say this is probably one of the dirtiest areas in your shower, just because you don't tend to think about this little strip where dirt and hair can catch. And then with the Calcium deposits, it just can get really dirty. So what I would do is, I would, I just want to clean first and get all the hair and everything off first, and then you'll still see a buildup. So I have in my squirt bottle- now there are different products that will work with stains, calcium deposits, there's a lot of commercial products that you can buy, this is just a warm water, vinegar and water mixture that I put in a squirt bottle, and it's just easy because you can squirt and get it really in these little cracks. So I'm just going to give it a good spray, and I will go on each side, and then also on the actual door. And this is vinegar and water, so again, this is just- whether you do a little or a lot, it's not going to hurt anything, so I just like to really coat it. Okay, if you have time don't let it sit, let it sit just for a little bit, and then you're just going to take a toothbrush, and you'll see how it just comes right off. So you just want to really scrub well, and then you want to rinse. Now also, on the vinegar-water base, it gets rid of a lot, but if there's a little- I'm seeing a little bit of mildew, so if there is a little bit of mildew, you might want to get a mildew cleaner, and just- because it will be stronger than the vinegar base, and sometimes you might need to use a little bit stronger chemical on that mildew. I'm Ann Myrick, and that's how you clean shower door tracks.