How to Diagnose Microwave Oven Problems

Video transcription

I'm Tim Gipson and I'm going to talk to you about diagnosing some common problems with your microwave. Now if your microwave is not operating at all, now the first thing you want to check is go to your power box and - where your main service comes in - and check the breaker. Now particularly on a unit like this, where it's an all in one unit with your oven, it'll be hard wired into your electrical system. So the main power and actually the only way to turn the power off to this is by the breaker in your breaker box. So that would be the first thing, just to go to that breaker box and just to make sure that that breaker is reset. Now beyond that if you're having some trouble with your microwave as far as it's not heating food properly, the next thing you'd want to check, particularly on models such as this, it has a rotating table on the inside, sometimes if this can get off track such as this you can see if it's off the wheels, it will not rotate properly. So you want to make sure you can slide this with - or rotate this with your hand that it rotates easily. For these type of microwaves to cook evenly, it's dependent on that food rotating within there. Beyond the power and beyond something simple as far as that, if you do not have any power at all and you check that power breaker, most of these modern microwaves oven have actually electronic controls in here, so you could have a problem with your electronic control. In that case you'll want to consult a professional service repair service. Or it might be time just to look at replacing that unit altogether. So I'm Tim Gipson and that is diagnosing some common problems with your microwave.

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