My name is James I'm the computer hardware training coordinator for interconnection. And I'm going to show you how to use an external monitor for your lap top. All you got to do is take your plug for your monitor, your VGA plug. You find the corresponding port on your lap top, plug it on in, you might want to secure it. Now your computer should recognize your other monitor and you should hopefully have a picture up on your screen. All laptops are a little different so you might want to go into your display settings and play around a little bit to change your resolution on either one of your two screens. One thing to keep in mind is there's two different settings in Windows for these monitors. One is it clones your display so that everything you see on your display on your lap top is exactly the same as on the monitor. The other is it extends it so it uses it like a secondary monitor. So you can drag something from one display over to another. Thus expanding the field of view you have with the desk top. My name is James, I'm the computer hardware training coordinator for interconnection and I just showed you how to install an external monitor on your lap top.