Hi, I am James, computer hardware training coordinator for InterConnection and I am going to show you how to change the master/slave designation on your hard drive. Now, on your IDE hard drive, you are going to have this little white thing right here. This is a jumper. All it does, it connects two of these pins together and tells this hard drive whether it is connected to the master, slave or it is going to try figure out for itself in cable select mode. Now, to set this jumper, all you have to do is find out: (a) what setting do you want, (b) basically remove and replace the jumper. On most hard drives you'll have a diagram that are going to show you the positions for the different jumper settings. All you have to do is to look at the picture and figure out what setting you want and where to put the jumper. In our case, we want to set this to master. So I am going to look on here and I am going to see that master is one over from the key. The key is the single solitary pin all by itself. It is mainly used as a reference point. Now, this right here, this guy all by himself, that's your key. Everything is in reference to that. Now, on some hard drives in stead of showing the key, the may show the power connector. But, they will always show a reference point so you know where to move it from. Now as I said we want to set this to master, so that is one over from our key, which is the current setting right here. So, let's set the master right now. Now, if we want to remove the jumper and change the setting to a different setting, all we have to do is take it out, and pry these with your finger nail. You can use a pair of tweezers. Whatever near you. Just be very careful that you don't drop it, because they are very small and easy to loose. And there you have it. That right there is your jumper. To change its setting, all you do is you move it over a couple more, right there or anywhere else. In our case it is already in the correct position, which was the master setting. So, we want to put it back there. We just take it. Master was one over from the key, right there. Put on both of them and we push it in. That's all there is to it. I'm James and I showed you how to change the master/slave jumper configuration on your hard drive.