Hey sometimes it is hard to comb your hair when you have got tangles and snarls back there and this is something that we have and we're going to show you how you can untangle hair snarls. Now first of all get a detangling spray. Spray it in really good, making sure to saturate the hair. Now if you don't want it to be super wet just lightly spritz it like I'm going to do here but making sure to get into those tangles rubbing it through to make sure that the hair is covered. Also you can use a comb or a brush whatever suits you. I like to use a brush. You want to make sure and grab the hair that you want to untangle like so, starting at the ends of the hair and working your way up. Make sure that you have good tension here, less tension here. We don't want to hurt our client and pull her hair as such. So make sure you have good tension starting at the ends, working your way up to get out the snarls. If a brush doesn't work for you, try a comb. These are also good to use. Again starting at the bottom of the hair working your way up the snarls as such. Now you can use a fine toothed comb. Be very careful when using the fine toothed comb. You can also use a large toothed comb and there are many brushes that you can choose from. Snarls can be very difficult to get out so make sure to keep some oil sheen by your side, some leave in conditioner and also some detangler that can help you get those snarls out.