Hi this is Taylor. Today we're talking about HP printers. Now we're going to discuss how to automatically clean one of your HP printers. To clean your printer, you can go to your start menu, then to print, err...go to your control panel. Under the control panel, look at the options and you'll see that there's a one for printers and faxes. Double click on that icon, and a list of all your printers will show up. Once you get the specified printer, right-click and then go to printing preferences. Once you've gotten into the new window of printing preferences, in the top right hand corner, there will be a tab saying services. Click on that tab and another box will pop up saying service this device. Once again, click on that icon. A new box will pop up giving you many options. The device, device services menu allows you to clean print cartridges. Click on that and it will guide you through the rest of the steps.