Hi I'm James with JNC home repair. Today I'm going to show you how to repair a washerless seat and spring type faucet. Ok the first thing you want to do is you want to shut the water off to the sink, to the faucet. You've got your hot supply line and you've got your cold supply line. You want to actually shut these valves off, cut off water supply to the faucet and to the sink itself ok. After you do that, these are some common tools that you are going to need to be able to do this job. You are going to need a crescent wrench, you are going to need a screwdriver, preferably like a five and one and it's got a phillips and a flat head on it. You will need three of four different screwdrivers. Ok this usually covers all of that and then you'll probably need a pair of channel locks and you'll need some teflon tape. Ok. The first step in doing this is that you want to remove, you want to remove the little cap that's inside the faucet handle. Ok. You just use a little flat head screwdriver, get in there, pry the little cap out ok. Then the next step is there's a phillips head screw inside the faucet. Ok what you want to do is you want to stick your screwdriver in there, remove the screw and lift the handle off ok. Once you have the handle off, this is your, this is your faucet valve. Ok. Now what you are going to do next is you are going to take a crescent wrench and you are actually going to just put it right here on the valve itself and you are actually going to go counter clockwise and remove the valve. Ok. Just like so. After you remove the valve, you are going to need the correct type of repair kit for your particular type of faucet. There's a lot of different brands out there. This particular brand is a Price Pfister so you need to go to your local hardware store and it's a good idea to go ahead and pull out your valve and your seat and springs so you can take them with you to the hardware store and you can, they have them categorized on the display shelf, you know different name brands and you'll be able to match them up, you'll be able to have the parts that you took out of your faucet and be able to match them up with the ones that are on the display shelf so you don't get mixed up and come back and it won't fit or have a problem like that. So once you remove the valve and you replace your seat and spring it's just basically put it right back on. You can put some teflon tape on your valve, tighten your valve, back snug, you don't want to go too tight or you'll strip these things out. Most of them are made out of chrome or brass and it's a real soft metal and it's easy to strip them out, so you just want to get them back in there. Put your handle back on, make sure that it's lined up right, make sure it's not out here somewhere. You want to make sure that the faucet is nice and level and straight with the other one. Put your screw back in, tighten your screw back up ,put the cap back on, turn your water back on to that valve and you are ready to go. If you have anymore questions you can contact me at JNChomerepair.com