Hi I'm James with JNC Home Repair. Today I'm going to show you how to replace a light switch. First thing we've done is we've cut out, we've cut off the power to this circuit. You always want to do that when you're working with electricity. First thing we're going to do is remove this trim plate. You're going to need a flat head screwdriver. Pull these two screws out of this, out of the trim plate, just like so. Trim plate comes off. The next thing you're going to do, is there's two flat head screws on it. There's one on the top and one on the bottom. What you're going to do is you use your flat head, loosen these up, once you got the screws out just like so. Just like so, pull your switch out, away from the box, that way you can work with it. You can see that you've got a white wire and you've got a black wire. Depending on how your circuit's wired if this plug or this light that we're changing this switch on, depending on if it's in the middle of the circuit, the end of the circuit, or the beginning of the circuit will determine what color your wires are. Once the switch is out, you take a pair of, they're actually called dikes or wire cutters, and you just clip your wires, remove your switch. Once you have the switch out, we have another switch here. Basically, this shows how you're going to install it. There's holes on the back of it where your new wire, your existing wire is going to plug back in to. If that, if the wire in the wall is too big of a diameter to fit inside that hole, you're actually going to have to mount it to the two screws on the side. But just remember that if your white wire is on the top, you want to put the white wire on the top of your new switch. So, what we're going to do, is I'm going to show you how to strip your wire, and these are your two wires coming out of your box. OKay? All you're going to do, is this is about a 16 or and 18 gage wire, if you've got the appropriate strippers you just know that you can clip it right on there and strip it right back. You don't want to go in too far because this solid copper wire, if you pinch it too much, it'll just break right off. And as soon as you try to put the new switch or the new plug in, the wire will just plug, it'll just break right off and you'll have to go back into it and do it again. But the proper way is just get in on there, you just want to strip about, a little over the half an inch. Strip it off and you're left with two bare copper wires. OKay? Next, you want to take a pair of Needle-nose pliers and you want to bend these to the right. And there's a reason why I go to the right. You'll see in just a second. Bend them to the right. OKay? We've got out new switch. Remember, the white wire was on the top? So what we're going to do is fit that wire right in behind that screw just like that. You see how the copper will fit, the copper wire fits right on that brass plate, so it makes a good contact. Clip it right in place, right there. You need a flat head screwdriver. Counter it clockwise to tighten it up, which is actually going to the right. And the reason why we made the little bend to the right, is if you would have made it to the left and I tried to tighten that screw, it's going to pinch the wire out from behind the screw and it won't stay there. So that's the reason you bend it to the right, and it will stay right in there perfectly, OKay? You do the same thing with the black wire. The black wire is going to go on the bottom on this one, tighten your screw, and you're ready to go back in the box. If you got any questions about this topic you can reach me at JNCHomeRepair.com