O.k., Hi it's Dowell here at the Firehouse Car Wash and Detail Center, we are working on the exterior detail today and teaching you how to do it like a Pro. As we evaluate the car sometimes we'll come across rust and we got a new Escalade in front of us so we're going to probably not find any rust on this vehicle. A lot of older model cars have chrome bumpers, that's very common to find rust spots where previous dings or damage has created some little rust. On a chrome bumper we can use a very fine grade steel wool to remove that, or we can also use an acid based cleaner, that again, will eat through rust and make it dissipate. In one of our earlier segments we talked about cleaning wheels, the acid based cleaner will also remove rust that you might have on chrome wheels. That's one of the most common place we see it. Especially here in Utah where we have salt that gets on the, on the rims and it will actually make small rust spots. The other thing we'll see is occasionally on a white car, we have Industrial Fallout, those little rust spots you get can be removed with an acid bath and clay, that'll go through and we'll cover more of that. But, those are the typical places you might see rust; bumpers, white paint, on chrome, or maybe where there's been some body damage. It's important you remove the rust and then you want to get that area treated so the rust don't continue to come back. Particularly if it's a chip or a ding in your paint.