This is financial adviser Patrick Munro talking about best pension annuity rates. In today's world a lot of major corporations are cutting back on inherent pension programs. Your father may have had a pension because he worked for the company for twenty five to thirty years. Nowadays people work for a company will end up rolling over their 401k or whatever type of investment that they've achieved in the short period of time that they've worked for a company to a private annuity. So it's very key that you get the best pension annuity rates that are out there. Once you take your package of money that you have saved from your company, short as your career may have been. And the way to do that is to make sure that you work with a licensed professional that will put you in front of the best insurance companies that will give you a pension. That is to say take a large chunk of money that you've accumulated during your working career with that company and place it into absolute safety because you don't want to lose that money. It took you a long time to put it together and have it grow for your future, so that ultimately you'll take the money out in payment streams going forward. It's very important that you have the best pension rates that are offered to you, so make sure you work with companies that are rated A rated or better. And make sure that your financial adviser is accredited to do that specific work. This is Patrick Munro financial adviser talking about best pension annuity rates.