How to Fold Clothes

Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ginger Walker, owner of Clean Junkies. We're going to learn how to fold some clothes, and give you a few different techniques, to fold some of those clothes. First, we're going to start with a tie, if you are folding a tie, rather than hanging the tie. We'll go ahead and lay it flat. Make sure you've got your creases out. Fold it in half. Fold it in half again, and leave it just like that. That way, you're not going to have any sudden creases, anywhere in the tie. The next thing we'll learn how to fold here, is a towel. Take both ends. Fold it in half again. How I usually like to fold my towels, is to have the decorative edge showing, so just flip that over, and fold it into three's here, then you've got a nice looking towel, there. Ok, then we're going to go into folding our socks. You know lots of people just take both tops, put them down like that, and that works. There's also a way of folding your socks, if you're trying to stuff a bunch of socks in a drawer. You lay them out like this. You fold the toe end halfway over, then you fold the cuff end over. Put your thumb in the top here, and your fingers in the back, and you fold over the top of the cuff, spreading out your fingers, as you pull them out there. It gives you a nice, flat sock, so you can stuff a whole bunch in your drawer. I've got some jeans here. When you take them out of the dryer, they're probably going to be inside out, because you wash them inside out, to retain the color, so you'll turn those right side in, or right side out. With jeans, because you don't want to have the creases, you know just one solid crease in your jean. The best thing to do is take the bottom. Fold it three quarters of the way. Take the top. Fold it over that, and then you won't have a solid crease anymore. Ok, now we're going to fold our t-shirts. One of the ways that I fold it, which turn out just as well as the next process we're going to show you, just holding up by the sleeves, right in the middle of the sleeves, actually. Fold the one side in. Fold the other side in. Hold it against you, and flip it over, and you've got a nicely folded shirt there. Another way of folding t-shirts, is called the Japanese way of folding t-shirts. What you're going to do, is spread out your t-shirt on a table, and you're going to draw an imaginary line between the sleeve and the neck of your shirt. You want to be in the middle of that. Draw an imaginary line down there. You're going to grab the middle of your shirt here, the middle of the shirt there. Then you're going to , with your left hand, grab at the same line, the very bottom of the shirt, so not the corner of the shirt, but following that line, then you lift it up, and rotate your hands out. Lay it down on the counter. Fold it back over, and there you have a nicely folded shirt, as well.

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